jsauce (insertc00lname) wrote in raiseyofistsx,

ⓧ NAME/ AGE/ LOCATION Grant/15/napervizzle

ⓧ WHY ARE YOU EDGE? because all my friends end up doing bad shit when they get "fucked up". They have sex and pretty much just destroy their futures. they lose an incomprehensible amount of brain cells and do unimaginable amounts of damage to their bodies. i see this and i no that i could never do that

ⓧ HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN EDGE? well my mom smoked pot when she was pregnant w/ me but other than that i haven't done anything.

ⓧ HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT MILITANT STRAIGHT EDGE? i would kill someone fo shizzle.

ⓧ TOP 10 BANDS Mudvayne, slipknot, ramstein, korn, underoath, norma jean, thursday, as i lie dying, converge, aaron brook's voice

ⓧ TOP 10 LEAST FAV. emo stuff...bury your dead, unearth, champion, comebackkid, and other stuff

"shoot shoot shoot em up

ⓧ A PIC IF YOU HAVE ONE... don't have one
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