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ⓧ NAME/ AGE/ LOCATION  Mike 15 Chicago

ⓧ WHY ARE YOU EDGE?  I've seen so many of my friends deteriorate because of it and I promised myself that I would never do that, 15 years sober.  Plus it's just fucking disgusting.  On top of all that, I'm a practicing buddhist and that lifestyle just doesn't cut it.

ⓧ HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN EDGE? All my life.  The only way to go, you can't fucking smoke and shit and then one day decide to be sXe, thats not the way it fucking goes. DOWNxFORxLIFE.

ⓧ HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT MILITANT STRAIGHT EDGE? Im not gonna be seen going up to kids and like fucking taking their drinks and breaking it over their head or burn a joint into someone's eye, i'll probably just leave in that situation.  But if someone like fucking blows smoke in my directions they best be ready for an ass kicking.

ⓧ TOP 10 BANDS  Terror, Hatebreed, xChampionx, Comebackkid, Floorpunch, Throwdown, ANIMOSITY, Death before dishonor, Bury your dead, Unearth, Zao, Remembering Never.

ⓧ TOP 10 LEAST FAV. Atreyu, Alexisonfire, A Static Lullaby, From autumn to ashes,  Korn, and basically any other shitty metalcore band.

ⓧ FAVORITE QUOTE " That kid beat the shit out of alex, and he's eating baby carrots.  He's so fucking manly "


   with the bandana

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yeeeahhh. good music
I like your quote.

but i hate it when kids refer to Champion as XChampionX...its just Champion.

we don't call Throwdown XThrowdownX do we? its not part of their name. plus i know the guys and they hate it when people do that.
I dont do it for all bands, thats just the way I was taught to spell it.
its wrong
now i know
oh yea for sure that i see your fucking face
i didnt like what you siad ...that "you were taught" to spell champion the way you do......what the fuck is that

cos when i spelt it champion, kids would always say " dude, its xchampionx "
dude where was i when this person applied?
damn i am so out of the loop....
anyways HATEBREED sucks, but i like all your other bands.
you seem rad....